Obamacare is so great that…

Obamacare is so great that it is mandatory, failing to use it comes with penalties and many of it’s key provisions are being delayed until after important elections so that the results will not harm Democrat candidates.



Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney were both assaulted in the media for saying that Russia is an enemy.  Obama and his allies also attacked these two viciously for their claims.  Now that they have been proved right what is this Administration doing?  Gutting our military to pre-WWII levels.

176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs


176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs

176 Democrats voted against a bill which would make it absolutely clear that any targeting of any individual or group based upon their political beliefs is illegal. If this is not happening, as the left claims, then why should any bill ensuring it is clearly illegal be voted down by those who claim to be the party of inclusiveness, tolerance and open-mindedness?

Poor Poor Piers

Piers Morgan is in the news today, not reporting or commenting on the news but he IS the news.  Piers has joined the millions of Americans who are unemployed.  Piers is unemployed because most American’s don’t want to watch his Socialist diatribes on TV while millions of Americans are unemployed thanks to the implementation of such Socialist ideas.

To thine own self…

We constantly see and hear people making claims about the TEA Party and Conservatives.  We’re extremists, racists, homophobes, rednecks, flat Earthers, anti-science, so on and so forth.  The problem with the caricatures is two fold, 1 they are patently false and 2 they serve to silence the views of people like me through intimidation and  undermine our views through smear tactics.  You see, no rational person would ever associate with, debate with or agree with a racist, homophobic, NAZI, back woods whatchamacallit.

The truth is that the TEA Party, Conservatism and Libertarianism are nothing new.  It existed before I was born and will exist when I’m dead.  It isn’t an organization so much as it is an ideology.  An ideology that in spite of the libel, slander, propaganda and smear campaigns is not based on hating anyone or anything but rather based on a simple set of common sense principals including natural rights, limited government, self reliance and most importantly individualism.  The debate between the right and the left is simply a fight over the concepts of collectivism and individualism.  Are you a person who stands on his/her own two feet or are you a cog in the collective machine there to support the greater good.  Do you believe that humanity has the capacity for its citizens to live their own lives or do you think that people are so weak in their nature that they must have a benevolent nanny government to take care of their every need?


I’ll never forget, I was at my brothers wedding and, as often happens, the topic turned to politics.  A liberal family member found out I am a Conservative and his response was “That’s ok as long as he isn’t one of those crazy TEA Party types.”  To which I politely said, yep, I’m exactly one of those crazy guys”.  Look I believe in individual liberty, the American dream, limited government and maximum liberty.  If that’s crazy then go ahead and lock me up because I personally think that collectivism, statism and etc are not just wrong, they are damn evil and they crush the spirit of all who are forced to live under it.  The only ones who seem to enjoy collectivism, statism, communism, fascism and all the other non-liberty ism’s are those in charge.  The elitists who live like kings while the peasants scurry around supporting the common good.

The Sunshine Civil Libertarian.

In my now forty years I have honestly never met a person left, right or in-between who did not claim to be a staunch defender of Civil Liberties.  With that said I have also never met a person who is honestly a true defender of Civil Liberties.  To those who are currently gasping in outrage please continue reading and you may understand my point… maybe, but probably not.  For those easily offended be warned, there is incredibly foul and offensive language in this blog posting… oddly enough something protected as free speech.  Printing foul language is something rare for me I know but you will understand why. Continue reading