Are you sitting down?

Sandra Fluke came out in defense of Sarah Palin!



Let the mud fly!

Well the mud flinging is in full swing.  Now we have Harry Reid claiming that he was told, but an unnamed source, aren’t they always unnamed, that Mitt Romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years.

Now if this accusation is true this not only means that Mitt Romney is unfit to be President but that he should be Prosecuted.  With that said, I am highly doubtful that this is true.  Why?  Well for starters I’m pretty sure that Bain Capital, like most other corporations has a hardcore accounting department and would have identified this themselves.  Not only that but Romney has released his past 2 years of returns, the filing of which would have clued off the IRS had he have not filed anything for a decade.  He has submitted and made public records to the Federal Election Commission which also would have been a major red flag to alert the authorities to any wrong doing.  Now we also have to take into consideration that, at the time he was employed at Bain, he had to make filings to the Securities Exchange Commission.  Now if Romney did, as Reid claims, he must be the greatest tax criminal in this nations history, or, as I suspect, Harry Reid is guilty of slander and should be sued into the poor house and impeached.

The War on Religion continues!

Well we have the latest in the ongoing war on religion thanks to people like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  For those who have not been following this story Rahm Emanuel made some pretty outrageous comments regarding a privately owned business who’s owners support traditional marriage.

This is not just limited to Chicago, there have been liberals, in office, throughout this country who have made some pretty outrageous comments including offering up the idea to actually ban Chick-Fil-A from being permitted to do business within their cities.

This is not limited to politicians who are taking this highly unconstitutional stance.  A writer at the liberal site forwarded advice as to how to ban Chick-Fil-A without it being an obvious violation of the right to free speech.  His advise is to create a requirement that all businesses which operate within a city be required to be open 7 days a week.  This would prevent a business like Chick-Fil-A, who refuses to be open on Sundays due to it’s religious beliefs, to operate within these communities.  His argument is that they can still ban the business while making it “content neutral” thereby preventing the Freedom of Religion aspect out of it.
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Welcome to the new home of Being John Adams, formerly Truth About The TEA Party

The Truth About The TEA Party began as a tool which could be used to confront the propaganda, lies and deception being spread about those of us who believe in nothing more extremist than the concepts of individual liberty, personal responsibility and Constitutionally limited government.  Thanks to those who participate with that page it has grown into something more.

Over the past year the Truth About The TEA Party went from a debating tool into a blog/discussion board.  Although this was not the original intent it is something that has been embraced by me and has led to this new project called Being John Adams.


For fans of Truth About The TEA Party already know that John Adams is my favorite founding father.  He was a flawed man who’s direct nature and forceful personality caused him problems throughout his life.  More importantly he was a brilliant orator with an equally brilliant mind.  The most important aspect of this man was his pure and unrelenting intellectual honesty.  He stood for what he believed was right no matter the consequences.  Whether it be standing against Samuel Adams as he fomented revolution, defending the british troops involved in the Boston Massacre or diving in head first risking everything once he realized Samuel Adams was right.


This is the spirit in which I have tried to operate Truth About The TEA Party and the spirit which will continue here at Being John Adams.  Here the only rules are be open minded, be honest, be intellectually honest and be respectful.