The Liberal Media vs. Romney

Well now it is the Daily Beast who is throwing mud at Mitt Romney, this time it is based on his comments about where the American embassy should be located in Israel.  I’m no foreign diplomat but it seems to me that to place your embassy within the capital of a nation is, well, common sense.  After all is the Israeli embassy in Baltimore or is it in Washington DC?

The statement that our embassy should be moved to Jerusalem is controversial, in part, due to the fact that much of the international community does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Clearly there is some of that mentality here for why else would we not have our embassy there.  To those who make this claim or use this as justification I ask a very simple question.  Who has the right to determine where a sovereign nations capital is?  The nation or the international community?After all imagine if the United Nations began dictating to us where our capital is going to be and stating that it can not be Washington DC.  Lets say we were told that we must move our capital to New York city because it is our financial capital.  The majority of Americans would probably respond with righteous indignation, which is a polite way of saying we’d tell the UN, on no uncertain terms, exactly where to go.  So why do people in this nation, or any other, feel that they have the right to deny Israel the same right?  The right to determine where it’s capital is located, the right to have that decision recognized and honored by the international community.

Not having our embassy in their capital is a slap in the face to who is easily our strongest and most loyal ally.  I personally feel that it is not appropriate to slap our friends in the face.  Romney is right and we need to move our embassy where it belongs, if we do so others will follow that leadership and we will be in a stronger position for it.