Obama Presidential or not?

This is the latest from the Obama campaign.


We are expected to believe that Obama will reach across the isle in his second term?  This is Presidential?  This President is a national disgrace whether it be his treasonous handling of the Benghazi situation or the way he runs his campaign.


Evil leftists in our country

Leftists keep trying to convince the world that TEA party folks are evil, extremists and dangerous.  Funny there is never any proof of us being evil, but plenty of evil leftists.


Food on fire!

I, being a Conservative, am told on a regular basis by Progressives, Liberals and etc that I am a racist, I hate starving people, I want the air dirty, the water poisoned and etc.  So let us take a moment to compare and contrast two issues which are important to the left, these are Hunger and the Environment.  We could go into a hundred different examples but I will stick to just two, providing food for the hungry and reducing our dependency on oil through renewable biofuel.

According to the 2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics there were 925 million people who went hungry in 2010, which is the most recent year the statistics exist.  Don’t dig too deeply into their numbers because you will find they made a lot of assumptions which could not be measured.  In otherwords they did a little guessing. Continue reading