TSA the alternate universe.

There are two recent stories involving the TSA which tell you everything you need to know about where our current Administration stands on terrorism.  First a United States Marine who had lost his legs in combat fighting terrorists was subjected to a thorough search which even went so far as to require him to remove his prosthetic legs for inspection.  Second the DHS/TSA are allowing Saudi Arabian airline passengers to “speed their way” through security. 

Now I’m not a security expert but I’m pretty sure that the US Marines had zero terrorists involved with 9/11 and all but 1 of the 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia including the former head of al-Qaeda Bin Laden himself.  Not only does our DHS refuse to use common sense intelligence and profile it’s passengers based upon things like age, religion, nationality and etc combinations which match the overwhelming majority of terrorists but they even give those who are from a known producer of terrorists a free pass?

A US Marine can be thoroughly searched why a young, Islamic, Saudi Arabian gets a quick pass through security?  We can infringe upon the rights of American citizens who do not match any terrorist profiles but must be Politically Correct with those who match every terrorist profile.

We have a government in which EVERYTHING is politically based.  Security measures taken are those which are calculated to provide the best political benefit of those in charge with actual security being, if we are lucky, an afterthought.  Those who give up essential liberty for a measure of security deserve neither but we are giving up essential liberty for a measure of political gain for those in our elite political class.  We go through a dance that makes people “feel safe” while actually making us more unsafe.  We clamber for our government to “do something” when all they do is fill their own pockets and ensure they are our “leaders” for life.

It is time to stand up America, we need to draw a line in the sand and not only say “no farther” but we need to start pushing that line back to where it belongs.