The Sunshine Civil Libertarian.

In my now forty years I have honestly never met a person left, right or in-between who did not claim to be a staunch defender of Civil Liberties.  With that said I have also never met a person who is honestly a true defender of Civil Liberties.  To those who are currently gasping in outrage please continue reading and you may understand my point… maybe, but probably not.  For those easily offended be warned, there is incredibly foul and offensive language in this blog posting… oddly enough something protected as free speech.  Printing foul language is something rare for me I know but you will understand why. Continue reading


Piers Morgan splap down!

For those who missed this it was great and for those who didn’t it’s worth watching again.

American Fascism

I am a Conservative and proud of it.  I know of very few liberals who will admit to being a liberal and will claim to be proud of the fact they are a liberal.  Why is this?  I believe it is because, somewhere, deep inside most liberals know that liberalism is an evil and fascist ideology.

How can I make this claim especially when liberals are constantly calling people like me fascist, racist and etc?  Well that is proof number one.  The reason the left uses this tactic is to suppress the expression of Conservative views.  Which side tries to silence its political enemies?  The Conservatives or the Liberals?  The leftists will claim that we on the right are the ones who try to silence them.  The truth is quite different.  Try being a business and take a stance the leftists do not like.  It has been reported that businesses all across the country will be forced to shorten work weeks, cut their employment rolls, reduce salaries and etc. due to the policies of Obama however any company like Papa John’s or Applebees who publicly state they will be forced to do this are targeted for destruction by the leftists who support a policy which forces Americans to purchase a product that they may not want.  You see when you don’t do something that a Conservative wants you to do they try to talk you into it where a leftist forces you to do so through legislation intimidation boycotts protests work interruptions and etc.   Continue reading

Obama Presidential or not?

This is the latest from the Obama campaign.


We are expected to believe that Obama will reach across the isle in his second term?  This is Presidential?  This President is a national disgrace whether it be his treasonous handling of the Benghazi situation or the way he runs his campaign.

Food on fire!

I, being a Conservative, am told on a regular basis by Progressives, Liberals and etc that I am a racist, I hate starving people, I want the air dirty, the water poisoned and etc.  So let us take a moment to compare and contrast two issues which are important to the left, these are Hunger and the Environment.  We could go into a hundred different examples but I will stick to just two, providing food for the hungry and reducing our dependency on oil through renewable biofuel.

According to the 2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics there were 925 million people who went hungry in 2010, which is the most recent year the statistics exist.  Don’t dig too deeply into their numbers because you will find they made a lot of assumptions which could not be measured.  In otherwords they did a little guessing. Continue reading

Bush the warmonger, Obama the war hero

You know I find it ironic how diametrically opposite the opinions of some individuals can be depending on who is in the White House.  Take for instance the liberal talking head on FoxNews earlier today who was bragging about how tough Obama has been because of all his drone strikes in Pakistan.  Compare that to how the left vilified Bush while he was in office for any drone strikes.  Now the fact that Obama has had many more drone strikes than Bush is considered something to brag about.  Consider also how incensed the left was during the Bush Administration because we were in 2, what they call, illegal wars.  Compare that to the absolute lack of any outrage over the fact that it is quietly reported Obama has sent troops into 75 sovereign nations.  So Bush entering 2 wars while involving Congress is warmongering and illegal while Obama lobbing drone based missiles into places who are supposedly our allies, against their permission and having combat troops in 75 countries is neither warmongering or illegal?  I’m sure the left can come up with a perfectly irrational explanation to justify this.  The reality is that it has to do only with the R or the D behind the name of the person in the office.