The Sunshine Civil Libertarian.

In my now forty years I have honestly never met a person left, right or in-between who did not claim to be a staunch defender of Civil Liberties.  With that said I have also never met a person who is honestly a true defender of Civil Liberties.  To those who are currently gasping in outrage please continue reading and you may understand my point… maybe, but probably not.  For those easily offended be warned, there is incredibly foul and offensive language in this blog posting… oddly enough something protected as free speech.  Printing foul language is something rare for me I know but you will understand why. Continue reading


Assault Weapon vs. Assault Rifle

There is much confusion between the terms Assault Weapon and Assault Rifle and both the gun control advocates and 2nd Amendment advocates seem to be getting this wrong.  The two are very different and the two terms have very different usages.  The term Assault Weapon is a Progressive term created to scare people.  The term Assault Rifle is a military term used to identify a specific type of firearm.

Lets begin with the real gun… the Assault rifle.  The assault rifle most commonly recognized in our nation is the M-16.  It was created to provide greater firepower in a smaller/lighter package.  It once had full auto capability but is now limited to burst.  That is exactly what makes it an Assault Rifle, light, fairly small and burst or full auto.

The Assault Weapon is a leftist term created to confuse people.  It is a term applied to semi-automatic firearms which look like Assault Rifles, i.e. AR-15.  Leftists and some on the right think that AR means Assault Rifle but it doesn’t.  AR is short for Armalite.  It is the semi-automatic version of the M-16 designed by Eugene Stoner.  Unlike the M-16 which, depending on the year made, each time you pull the trigger you either empty the magazine or fire a burst of bullets with the AR you get one bullet per trigger pull.  The AR is, again, a semi-automatic civilian rifle that looks like an Assault Rifle.

This tactic is very effective because there are so many people in this country who do not know much about firearms and because the M-16 and AR-15 look virtually identical.

Can you tell the difference?


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TSA the alternate universe.

There are two recent stories involving the TSA which tell you everything you need to know about where our current Administration stands on terrorism.  First a United States Marine who had lost his legs in combat fighting terrorists was subjected to a thorough search which even went so far as to require him to remove his prosthetic legs for inspection.  Second the DHS/TSA are allowing Saudi Arabian airline passengers to “speed their way” through security.  Continue reading

Insurance for gun owners.

The state of New York would like to force it’s citizens to buy liability insurance in order to own a gun.  This is being push by some as “common sense” measures to save lives.  Not really sure why new regulations, more red tape, spending more money and making it more difficult to legally own a gun will somehow effect criminals in a positive manner.  How many people actually think that a crack dealer will run out and submit to a universal background check, take a gun class, pay for a permit and then buy insurance?  I’m sorry but if you believe that “here’s your sign”.

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No charges

According to a recent article on there will be no charges filed against the father of the child who posted a photograph of his son holding a rifle.  Um… good!  The father committed no crime, the child committed no crime and if there were any crimes committed they were on the part of the person making the false report and the authorities who treated this family like criminals for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Continue reading

Growth and Opportunity Project

Forgive me but this new Growth and Opportunity Project from the GOP may very well be the final nail in the coffin for the GOP as far as I’m concerned.  I challenge anyone to actually read what this “project” is about and tell me that it is not traditional Democrat Party nonsense rebranded as Republican.  Nothing more than empty “feel good” politics which do not solve any problems other than to keep certain members of the Republican Political Establishment in power.  John McCain, Lindsay Graham and etc.  Those wonderful Progressive Republicans who like to jump on the bandwagon of those who claim that it is us Conservatives and Libertarians who are coopting the party.  The simple truth is that the party used to be what we are now. Continue reading

Let the cries for gun control begin.

Well the left is at it again following the “never let a crisis go to waste” model.  Bob Costas started the usual blame guns nonsense during halftime.  Evidently if there are no guns no person will ever die again.  That is the claim of leftists who wish to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights.  The reality is quite different.

Those who actually pay attention to things, such as facts, already know that the claims of those we lovingly refer to as “gun grabbers” are completely false.  The claim that the world would be a safer place if America would just disarm it’s citizens is patently ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter if it is Jim Gray or the United Nations.  Those who wish to disarm us are not doing so out of the interest of public safety because the statistics do not support their argument.

Violent Statistics 1Consider the data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a government organization which shows that the vast majority of violent crimes do not involve a weapon of any type.  The percentage of Firearm usage in violent crimes is actually tiny.  73% of all violent crimes committed in 2009 involved no weapon at all.  Yet if you were to listen to the fretting liberals who wish to confiscate our weapons, for our own good, you would think that people are gunned down in our streets every day.  This simply is untrue.

There is frequently a racial element brought into the debate as was done by Melissa Harris-Perry claiming that America is “No place for young black men” inaccurately comparing two cases to each other that happened roughly 1 year apart.

For starters she is still trying to convict Zimmerman of murder without the proper evidence.  She is also trying to convict all Americans of racism based on zero actual evidence.  She is ignoring the actual statistics which prove her premise to be false.

The statistics prove, that even though there are fewer black Americans they commit the majority of homicides while white Americans die in the majority of homicides.  In fact if you are white or black and die in a homicide you are far more likely to die at the hands of a black person than a white person.  Pointing that 94% of blacks murdered from 1975-2005 were murdered by other blacks is called racist, remember, facts are very dangerous to leftist policies.  The fact that more whites are killed by blacks is also irrelevant to the leftist mind because they have been indoctrinated from birth to believe that only whites are racist.  Pointing out anything other than the approved Racemongering line is called racist.

Why do leftists want our firearms?  Because we rightfully believe that the 2nd Amendment exists to secure our natural liberties from a despotic State while the leftists believe that it is a benevolent State which grants liberties.  We believe that we are born with certain inalienable rights while the left believes that it is they who grant us the rights they believe we deserve.  If we are disarmed then we have no way to defend our rights and our way of life is gone.