The Sunshine Civil Libertarian.

In my now forty years I have honestly never met a person left, right or in-between who did not claim to be a staunch defender of Civil Liberties.  With that said I have also never met a person who is honestly a true defender of Civil Liberties.  To those who are currently gasping in outrage please continue reading and you may understand my point… maybe, but probably not.  For those easily offended be warned, there is incredibly foul and offensive language in this blog posting… oddly enough something protected as free speech.  Printing foul language is something rare for me I know but you will understand why. Continue reading


The TEA Party is Dead! Long live the TEA Party!

We have been declared dead yet again by the news media.  Curious that they never seem to ask us if we are still alive and kicking.  I can understand, to an extent, how the media makes these claims because unlike OWS, Black Bloc, Sharpton and etc. we are not out in the streets every day screaming at the top of our lungs and interfering with people’s lives.  We like to live in relative anonymity while performing our activism, primarily, in the quiet.
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