176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs


176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs

176 Democrats voted against a bill which would make it absolutely clear that any targeting of any individual or group based upon their political beliefs is illegal. If this is not happening, as the left claims, then why should any bill ensuring it is clearly illegal be voted down by those who claim to be the party of inclusiveness, tolerance and open-mindedness?


Bias and the media.

I see people on the left constantly attacking Talk Radio and FoxNews for being biased toward Conservatism.  For starters those on Talk Radio who are Conservative don’t exactly try to hide it and on top of that there are Liberal Talk Radio hosts as well.  The problem is that, for some bizarre reason, leftists don’t like listening to people blabbing on the radio while those on the right do.  I have no clue why this is but it is the reason why there are more prominent Conservative Talk Radio stars than leftists.  Heck I’m not sure there is any leftist Talk Radio hosts who are even vaguely successful when compared to Conservatives.  As far as FoxNews there are plenty of Conservatives on that channel with all of their commentary shows being left leaning with the exception of Geraldo Rivera who seems to be the token leftist.  I can’t understand why he’s on FoxNews, the man is so incompetent and frankly loony that I don’t think he could even get a job of this magnitude on a Liberal network.

Okay, we have acknowledged that the left is right that there actually is a Conservative bias in FoxNews and Talk Radio so now lets compare it to the rest of the world.  This is one cable news channel and AM radio.

Where can the left turn to in order to find something that does not offend their views?  Well pretty much everything else in media.  Well lets compare shall we? Continue reading