176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs


176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs

176 Democrats voted against a bill which would make it absolutely clear that any targeting of any individual or group based upon their political beliefs is illegal. If this is not happening, as the left claims, then why should any bill ensuring it is clearly illegal be voted down by those who claim to be the party of inclusiveness, tolerance and open-mindedness?


The TEA Party is Dead Long Live the TEA Party!

Well according to such sources as The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post and even townhall.com we don’t exist anymore.  The problem is not one of reality but of perception and methodology.  The perception is that we are not out on the streets protesting and the methodology of typical politically motivated groups is to do exactly that.  So are we dead?

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Civility in Washington? The Democrats lead by example.


The Democrats and their supporters are constantly preaching to those of us on the right end of the political spectrum about how we need to be more civil.  How we need to elevate the discourse and come to a middle ground.  Unfortunately all of this rhetoric is pointless because those calling for civility are themselves the least civil.

Take Nancy Pelosi who claims that Republicans are members of the ecoli club.  Or Harry Reid who claims that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years but has also admitted he has zero proof to support this claim. It is clear this is a lie, but Harry Reid and others on the left are still spreading this lie.  We also have the Democrat who threatened and physically intimidated a TEA Party lady. The TEA Party has been designated as a potential domestic terror organization by both the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Army.  All of this under a Democrat Administration.

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