Obamacare is so great that…

Obamacare is so great that it is mandatory, failing to use it comes with penalties and many of it’s key provisions are being delayed until after important elections so that the results will not harm Democrat candidates.


Propaganda and desecration

Well it looks like there is another flag bearing the image of Obama and this time it is on display in a school.

For starters the U.S. flag code states the flag must never bear any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature. So what the Obama Campaign has done with these flags is, well, illegal.   Continue reading

Are we better off?

Obama is now making the claim that we as a nation are better off than we were four years ago.  So what do you think?

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From Hope and Change to Lies and Depravity

Misleading ad’s which intentionally take opponents out of context are the norm in modern politics.  Misleading ad’s which selectively cherry pick facts to twist reality to favor the positions of a particular candidate are also the norm.  Are ads, like the one with Joe Soptic which are filled with nothing but blatant lies going to be the new norm?  First we will take a look at the ad, take it apart to see what is said, compare that to what the Democrats and other Progressives who defend this ad are saying and compare all of that to the truth.

To start off here is the ad:

Here is the truth:
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Justice shredded again!

It is being reported that the Obama Administration is suing Ohio for it’s voter policy.  This time it is not for prohibiting Illegal Aliens, felons and dead people on the voter roles but rather permitting active duty military people to have extra time to get their absentee ballots turned in.  In what has to be the most politically motivated voter actions ever taken by any Presidential Administration the Obama “Justice” department is fighting on behalf of illegal aliens, felons and dead people while fighting against our troops!

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Politics, money and crony Socialism

We here the left railing all the time about Crony Capitalism while completely ignoring the cronyism in their own party.  Take Solyndra as an example; according to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce none other than Rahm Emanuel pushed for these sure looser loans to be granted to the failing solar company.


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Breaking News no one cares about!!!

Well the Huffington Post‘s Black Voices page was kind enough to let us all know that:

Obama Birthday Weekend: President Celebrates 51st With Golf Game, Break From 2012 Campaign

The question I have is when will he stop taking breaks from being President for Golf, Vacations and Campaigning.  It would seem that this President see’s his role in the world as:

  1. Campaigning
  2. Golf
  3. Fund Raising
  4. Vacation
  5. President

At least when Bush went on vacation he went to his ranch and worked.  This guy has been campaigning, golfing, jet setting and fund raising from day one.  Then he has the nerve to blame the TEA Party, Republican Party, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney for everything that is wrong with the universe.