The TEA Party is Dead! Long live the TEA Party!

We have been declared dead yet again by the news media.  Curious that they never seem to ask us if we are still alive and kicking.  I can understand, to an extent, how the media makes these claims because unlike OWS, Black Bloc, Sharpton and etc. we are not out in the streets every day screaming at the top of our lungs and interfering with people’s lives.  We like to live in relative anonymity while performing our activism, primarily, in the quiet.
Evidently, according to the left, if you are in a grass-roots organization which is not tying up traffic, setting things on fire, screaming and ranting in the streets and etc. you are not active.  This highlights some of the fundamental differences between the tactics of the left and the right.  The left is in your face and we are not.  It is quite simple, we are too busy living our lives to spend months squatting on private property.  We have too much respect for others to interfere with their daily lives.

We have too much respect for private property to loot and vandalize.  We simply want to go about our lives in relative anonymity with minimal interference from the government.  Most of us do not want to be on TV.  We don’t want to be out in the streets.  We don’t want to be activists but have been left no choice by those who enjoy such activities.

Due to the tyranny of the minority we have been forced to take to the streets and activate our influence and try to steer this nation back onto the course of individual liberty and Constitutionally limited government.  The ideals in which this nation was founded.  We were not intended to be wards of the state.  There is no authority for the government to tell me what fire arms I can own.  No authority to tell me what insurance to buy.  No authority to tell me what types of light bulbs, energy, or anything else.  Yet those who believe in the nanny state and unlimited government power have permitted and encouraged the government to exceed it’s authority expanding it’s power into unconstitutional areas.   The TEA Party stands against this and for this we are deemed terrorists, extremists, racists and when that fails to disarm us politically we are deemed dead.

Frankly I’m fine with that.  Continue to underestimate us.  The tyranny of the minority is on the ropes and Individual Liberty is on the march.  Ignoring us only makes our task easier and continues to prove that it is not us who are irrelevant and dead by the liberal news media who is increasingly irrelevant and dying.