Propaganda in force

The new economic numbers are out and Obama’s allies are already touting his great success based on these numbers.  CNN’s story on this went so far as to say “Obama closer to breaking even on jobs: Is President Obama a job creator? Not yet. But he might be by Election Day”  When you have high unemployment and more women out of work but are still able to spin this as a good thing there is something quite wrong.  The Freedom of the Press is not there so that the President can have an unaccountable propaganda ministry but rather so that there will be journalists who hold our elected officials accountable for the things they do, say and the results of their policies.  It seems the worse things get the better this President is hailed by many in the media.

Here is the data which CNN, the DNC and their allies are trying to spin as good:

  1. The unemployment rate increased to 8.3%.
  2. The unemployment rate is not expected to get below 8% before the election.
  3. Unemployment has been over 8% for over 41 months.
  4. 175,000 fewer women had jobs in July.
  5. Obama can’t even get his Democrat controlled Senate to vote for his budget.

How can this be spun as a good thing with any shred of intellectual honesty?  Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but it can’t.  Progressives blame the recession on Bush even through it did not start until after the Democrats held both houses of Congress and Bush began working with them.  Progressives blame the Republican controlled House even though the Democrats held both houses for the first two years of the Obama Presidency.

So is this anything other than Propaganda?  No it is not.  There is no reality in making the claim that these economic statistics are good for America.  The claim that it is a good thing is a lie.  CNN and others like them are no longer news organizations, they are instead honorary members of the Progressive Propaganda Ministry.