The flat infanticide movement.

It never fails to amaze me how the political left is able to spin any issue to mean something completely opposite of the truth while continuing to claim themselves as being tolerant, caring, and etc.  Take abortion and global warming as a good example of how this works.  If you look at historical climate records and see a tend in which the global temperatures increase and decrease in a cyclical manner you are a flat Earther and anti-science.  On the other hand if you look at an image of the face of an unborn child and see a baby you are called a religious extremist, anti-woman and again anti-science.

Lets address these two issues one at a time beginning with Abortion.  I recently posted a series of images and simply asked people to tell me what they see.  The first image was a 3D ultrasound that I found on a pro-life Facebook page.

The answers included “a clump of cells, a baby, a fetus, a miracle and other similar responses”.  The different answers also matched the points of view of the posters, those who saw a baby were pro-life and those who were unable to see a baby but something else were pro-abortion.
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SPLC, the new Thought Police.

We live in a very dangerous time when everything that we know and believe has been turned on it’s ear, up is down, left is right and good is evil.  The First Amendment is only valid for people who agree with the self-proclaimed First Amendment police.  Innocent until proven guilty only applies to those who support a particular ideology.  The Free Press is free to support the political agenda of the Washington Elite.  Patriotism is Jingoism and hating America is patriotic.

How did we, as a nation reach the point that an organization as twisted by political ideology as the Southern Poverty Law Center has become the arbiter of all things right and wrong? Our media uses this group as the source for anything “Hate” related.  Taking a moment to browse their list of Hate Groups will shock you.  Any group which is for traditional values, traditional marriage, against amnesty for illegal aliens and etc. is labeled a hate group by these people while groups like Black-bloc seem to be conspicuously missing.  Basically to be a Hate Group you must first oppose liberal policies.   Continue reading

From Hope and Change to Lies and Depravity

Misleading ad’s which intentionally take opponents out of context are the norm in modern politics.  Misleading ad’s which selectively cherry pick facts to twist reality to favor the positions of a particular candidate are also the norm.  Are ads, like the one with Joe Soptic which are filled with nothing but blatant lies going to be the new norm?  First we will take a look at the ad, take it apart to see what is said, compare that to what the Democrats and other Progressives who defend this ad are saying and compare all of that to the truth.

To start off here is the ad:

Here is the truth:
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“Papa” John Schnatter pointed out a very uncomfortable reality during a conference call last week.  What was so uncomfortable?Obamacare is going to raise the cost of his pizza.  It will make it more expensive for him to run his business which will in turn force him to raise the price of each pie he sells.

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Civility in Washington? The Democrats lead by example.


The Democrats and their supporters are constantly preaching to those of us on the right end of the political spectrum about how we need to be more civil.  How we need to elevate the discourse and come to a middle ground.  Unfortunately all of this rhetoric is pointless because those calling for civility are themselves the least civil.

Take Nancy Pelosi who claims that Republicans are members of the ecoli club.  Or Harry Reid who claims that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years but has also admitted he has zero proof to support this claim. It is clear this is a lie, but Harry Reid and others on the left are still spreading this lie.  We also have the Democrat who threatened and physically intimidated a TEA Party lady. The TEA Party has been designated as a potential domestic terror organization by both the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Army.  All of this under a Democrat Administration.

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US Army vs. the TEA Party

In a shocking display of just how far our nation has fallen from it’s founding principles the United State Army Training and Doctrine Command has identified the TEA Party as a threat to the United States of America.  This document, according to the examiner lays out how the Army would respond to a TEA Party insurgency and also claims we are Right Wing Extremists who may join up with groups like the KKK in a rebellion. Continue reading

The Republican War on Harry Reid?

I was not overly surprised when I saw the MSNBC Twitter feed making the claim that there is a Republican War on Harry Reid and linking to a article making that stretch of a case.  This all started when Harry Reid made the accusation that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years and that it is true, even though Reid admits he has no proof, and that it is up to Romney to prove him wrong.  This is the type of activity which occurs in dictatorships where a high ranking government official accuses a person of a crime and that accusation is enough to prove guilt.  This nation is not supposed to be like that, we are a nation of laws and the concept of Innocent until Proven guilty.

Somehow the left is trying to spin this to make Reid the victim.  Reid, the high ranking government official who has accused a United States citizen of a serious crime while admitting he has no proof and claiming it is the responsibility of the accused to prove he is innocent rather than the government who is responsible to prove he is not.  The Progressives like to throw around the word fascism all the time, well this actually is fascist and it is not how justice works in this country. Continue reading