Obamacare is so great that…

Obamacare is so great that it is mandatory, failing to use it comes with penalties and many of it’s key provisions are being delayed until after important elections so that the results will not harm Democrat candidates.



Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney were both assaulted in the media for saying that Russia is an enemy.  Obama and his allies also attacked these two viciously for their claims.  Now that they have been proved right what is this Administration doing?  Gutting our military to pre-WWII levels.

176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs


176 Democrats vote to continue IRS targeting based on political beliefs

176 Democrats voted against a bill which would make it absolutely clear that any targeting of any individual or group based upon their political beliefs is illegal. If this is not happening, as the left claims, then why should any bill ensuring it is clearly illegal be voted down by those who claim to be the party of inclusiveness, tolerance and open-mindedness?